Beijing’s Weird and Wonderful (mostly weird)

Beijing’s Weird and Wonderful (mostly weird)

1. Chinese Split Pants
These “split pants” are worn as an economical alternative to nappies, giving children the convenience of using the bathroom wherever they want and believe me they go wherever they want. This is very odd to me, but very normal.

2. Tofu
Chinese men have a softer look than western men because Tofu is largely prominent in China and Tofu contains Oestrogen.

3. Soybean Milk
Some people think the Chinese are taller because they drink a lot of Soybean milk, but actually they are so small! Most men aren’t much taller than me!

4. White is the colour worn at funerals rather than black

5. Wedding dresses are commonly red instead of white

6. Chinese people favour western skin because pale skin is perceived as a sign of richness. The idea is that if you are pale then it shows you do not have to work outside on the farms. This is why Geisha’s would paint their faces white.

7. Traditionally, when a Women marries, her Husband’s family and her own children become her only family, she no longer has contact with her blood relatives including her mother and father.

8. If public holidays are given, then they must compensate those working days on a weekend. For example I am expected to work Saturday and Sunday this weekend because Monday and Tuesday of the following week is a public holiday. So really, they don’t get a day off at all!

9. Some Chinese people may never have seen a western person before. If you have blonde hair I guarantee someone will stroke it at least once, and if you have blue/green eyes then expect a lot of eye contact.

10. Eye Taping
Asians are so obsessed with having big eyes that they have adopted the cosmetic enhancement of ‘eye taping’ or in extreme cases glueing. Eyelid tape is a small, curved strip of medical tape used to form a crease on the eyelid.

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