How to double your holiday entitlement (UK)

How to double your holiday entitlement (UK)

If you have the minimum holiday allowance in the UK (that’s 20 days plus 8 bank holidays) then you spend your days wistfully thinking about your next holiday. But what if I told you that you can get more holiday? With a little bit of forward planning you can use those bank holidays to garner 44 days off instead of 28 – hoorah!

Disclaimer: this only applies to UK workers who have a Monday-Friday shift pattern and whose holiday year runs from April to April

There are a number of ways you can do this to work around your lifestyle, but this is how I intend to spread my trips throughout the year to visit five new countries in total. And of course, I always have the option for a speedy weekend trip if I fancy it at no extra holiday cost.

This might get a little confusing, but stick with me.

Easter Bank Holidays
Book your holiday for Friday 30th March to Sunday 8th April
Holidays used: 4
Days off: 10
My trip destination: Italy

Early May Bank Holiday
Book your holiday for Friday 4th –  Monday 7th May
Holidays used: 1
Days off: 4
My trip destination: Austria

Second May Bank Holiday
Book your holiday for Saturday 26th May – Sunday 3rd June
Holidays used: 4
Days off: 9
My trip destination: Portugal

August Bank Holiday
Book your holiday for Friday 25th August – Sunday 9th September
Holidays used: 9
Days off: 16
My trip destination: Thailand

Christmas / New Year
Book your holiday for 28th December – 1st January
Holidays used: 2
Days off: 5
My trip destination: Bucharest

Now go and snag those days off before your co-workers!

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