“KTV” Chinese Karaoke

“KTV” Chinese Karaoke

On Wednesday, Day 6, we attended an evening at KTV melody organised by CRCC Asia.

I really want to share this experience with you since Karaoke is a completely different concept here in China. Karaoke, or as its known here KTV, is quite different from traditional western karaoke. Despite what we are used to in the West, KTV in China is a more private affair.

The concept of Mianzi discussed in a previous blog post applies even here. Even if you are an awful singer, they will not laugh at you in order to maintain their Mianzi. Of course, we foreigners did not withhold this tradition, and were in stitches watching the Aussies belting out some old school classics.

Western Karaoke is usually just a TV screen at the front of a bar where you entertain a bunch of strangers with some nerd  running the music and organising the waiting list of singers.

In China, KTV clubs offer a private room that you book with friends or colleagues which are usually equipped with a big flat screen TV, a fancy touch-screen entertainment system, big plush sofa’s and plenty of beverages.The rooms are usually big enough for up to 10 people but they do vary in size.

KTV is usually an evening activity, but many clubs in big cities are open 24 hours or close to; so KTV can really be something to do any time of day or night.

When we arrived we were presented with six beer kegs which didn’t exactly last long between 20 people. And it really didn’t take long for the beer to kick in and have us all up on our feet belting out the Spice Girls, S Club 7, Bon Jovi and other classics.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from this evening since I went straight to the KTV club from work but others took plenty of pictures that will be up on Facebook in no time.

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