Survival Tips for the Beijing Subway

Survival Tips for the Beijing Subway

 1. Know the rush hours
Morning 7.00am-9.30am
Afternoon 5.30pm-8.30pm
It is always wise to avoid Line 1 during rush hour sinces it the craziest line. It is also the line I have to use for my daily commute to and from work – lucky me.

2. Stay close to the door
If your not going far stay near the door, its a good idea to try and get the corner right next to the door for easy exit. Always be preapred for your stop, start getting close to the door a couple of stops ahead of your intended stop.

3. Develop your stance
Chinese people are not afraid to push and shove, and they certainly won’t wait for you to exit the train before they try getting on. Get your elbows up and your stance wide.

4. Friends
Travelling with friends makes the situation much more bearable, particularly if its crazy hectic. Having a friend there to laugh it off and let go of the stress will definitely help you survive. I would recommend taking your first subway ride with a friend accompanying you.

5. Protect your Belongings
Pick pocketing isn’t overly common, but it also isn’t uncommon, especially near the tourist areas. The best way to protect yourself is by putting your bag in front of you.

6. Keep out the way of yellow line when you are waiting for the subway – unless you want to get hit by the train.

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